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Students need a good alphabetic knowledge before they can learn the read. Learning the alphabet takes repeated exposure. Research has shown that the brain works better with movement. There are a lot of YouTubes videos with the alphabet. Jack Hartman has lots of videos to get the kids moving. It is important to note that when using alphabet cards, you should never teach kids the alphabet in alphabetic order. You should randomize the order. students will remember the order. Do they really know the alphabet? When working with the alphabet, always change the order that kids see the letters. Many teachers express how parents believe their child know the alphabet because they can recite the alphabet in order. Students need to be exposed to the alphabet in a random order. They are learning the alphabet in order from an alphabet song due to exposure. Students can learn the letters with exposure. They need to be exposed to the alphabet over an over to learn it. I also recommend exposing kids to the sound and letter at the same time. You want their brain to associate the letter and sound together.


Students should learn the sounds with the letters. Doing this will help students associate the individual sound with the letter. It is also equally important that kids learn the sounds correctly. Many times students will use the u sound at the end of consonants. (bu, du, gu, pu) Students will have a hard time reading if we do not break them of this habit. Teach them there is no Uu sound at the end of consonants unless they see actually se the letter Uu.

CVC (Word families)

Once students know most of the sounds that are associated with the alphabet. They are ready to read. This can be achieved in two ways. I prefer to teach this by introducing the word family and the sounding out method. Teaching kids the word families allow them to see and figure out a word quickly. The sounding out method teaches them to dissect the word into sounds to enable them to read it.


Learning  the blends that occur in words will help students gain a deeper knowledge of the phonics associated with reading Students who are learning blend will break up words further. Students will sound out and recognize the patterns of longer words.

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This is a great website that has a massive amount of resource for teachers. Most of the resources are being made by teachers. They have product reviews from users. There are tons of free resources for teachers. The website offers both paid and free resources. Check out their website and you will fall in love.