How to Teach Number Recognition 1-10

Teach Number Recognition 1-10 – The question is how to teach number recognition? There are many ways to teach number recognition. If we vary the activities we will have much better results. On this page I will share activities and resources to teach number recognition.

How to Teach Number recognition with rainbow numbers.

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Teach Number Recognition with this fun activity. Pull out the markers and crayons for this activity. I always write the first number in pencil for the kids. Then the kids can use a different color each time they are ready to write it again. If they are not ready to count then just do the number and not the counting dots.

Ways to Teach Number Recognition with Play-Doh Mats

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These Play-Doh mats are perfect for kids who are learning number recognition and counting. The numbers 0-10 are included with these play-Doh mats. There are 5 different border designs. There are a total of 55 Play- Doh mats. Make sure you laminate these before using.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This is a wonderful website that has a massive amount of resource for teachers. Most of the resources are made by teachers. They have product reviews from users. There are tons of free resources for teachers. The website offers both paid and free resources. Check out their website and you will fall in love.

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