How to Teach CVC Words and Have Fun

Learn CVC words and have Fun

How to Teach CVC Words and Have Fun- Learning should be fun. If students are having fun they do not realize they are learning. Learning should be active. Kids do not want to sit at a desk with a pencil and paper. If they are bored, they are not learning. Let kids stack cups, play I spy, do activities with their hands. May learning fun again.

How to Teach CVC Words and Have Fun

CVC words
How to Teach CVC Words and Have Fun
teach cvc words
teach CVC
learning should be fun
not learning
stack cups
I spy

I have had Pre-K Students and 1st grade students stack cups while learning phonics. These cups are actually coffee cups that I purchased. They are thick and can take a beating.I have mentioned before that kids love stacking cups.

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