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Kids want to have fun counting to 10

Have fun counting to 10 is how learning should be. Kids need fun activities to learn. Also, Counting activities should include movement, music, engaging centers and FUN. Furthermore, kids do not learn if they are bored. Make learning and counting fun.


Counting with manipulatives is fun. First, I used electrical tape on the floor. Then, I gave students an assortment of manipulatives to use. Next, they were able to count and represent numbers in multiple ways. Last, They were engaged and able to move around. The brain need movement to increase learning. The best part of this activity is that they had fun doing it. I was thrilled because they were so excited about what they accomplished with this counting activity.

Counting With Music

Songs are one of my favorite resources for teaching counting. Also, songs are easy to remember and kids love them. Singing makes learning to count fun. Furthermore, your students will love these Songs that Teach Counting. Have fun counting to 10 and 20 with the following videos. Kids learn best with music and movement. I always begin a lesson with music. Movement and music allows the brain to work better.


In addition, research has shown that students that are given the opportunity to learn with movement will learn more than their peers who learn with no movement. Research also shows that movement leads to better cognitive function for kids so they will have better academic results. Movement and music will help with behavioral issues in the classroom.

More Counting to 10 Ideas

  1. Count the leaves outside.
  2. Counting the alphabet letters on the wall.
  3. Count the number of girls in the classroom.
  4. Counting the number of boys inside the classroom.
  5. How many crayon do I have?
  6. Count the green blocks.
  7. How many rocks can you find?
  8. Count the dots on dominoes.
  9. Hopscotch counting can be fun.

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